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Welcome to Intangible Designs.

shellThis website is an artist's portfolio and a source of commercial services related both to Illustration (encompassing graphic design and visual communication in a broad sense) and native English-Portuguese Translation services.

However, it is also a website that actively introduces and encourages some new concepts to guide the Creative Process: the Evolution-Oriented Art concept and the New Naturalist Awareness concept.

A story you might want to read: Where it all began

y formal training as an artist began in 1975 but did not include any contact with Naturalist art in any form as all this is nonexistent as a career option in my country, Brazil, unless you settle for botanical art for schoolbooks and the like or if you are willing to be a fringe, free-lance artist only. After 3 years of Editorial Illustration and Design training I called it quits and left, but even this was hardly enough to get over the basics and the years that followed saw me doing my very best to fill in the information gaps in art training, learn the trade and get myself some half-blind assignments.

Brazil is a great country but it does have many shortcomings: one is the greatly overlooked formal training in art one can hope to get in any school, especially back in 1975. Another part is related to the assignments and real-world jobs that you can find after you leave school. Most of these are limited to what the current trends dictate and anything out of this is not really seen as an option, unless if you are willing to resign yourself to handicraft or abstract painting such as plastic arts or something. What my heart desired though was something very different and I gradually understood that I would have to create a niche for myself if I wanted to do anything else but advertising or corporate art.

All this was very unsettling for a young artist that wanted to do something else, something meaningful, and make a living. Normal commercial assignments were the reality though, as in most countries for a beginner and for more than two decades I did a little of everything in Illustration, all the while developing the foundations of the naturalist art you now see in this website. iD Studio has been in existence for 34 years. I hope that means something.

Naturalist Art. This was always a new idea as far as I was concerned because I intended to develop design with a spiritual content and this kind of Illustration would never be to me the kind you find in animal books, biology science textbooks or ecological art as we know it since ecology became a fad in the late seventies. Hopefully, others would see that too, I thought, never letting up on some hope that there are people who can empathize with these feelings.

blue sceneWhen you take your time to peruse this site, you will see the enormous scope to which these interests are connected and will get more than a glimpse of what others have been doing, especially in the powerful fields of discoveries regarding energies, elemental intelligence in nature, physics and many other fascinating parts of life. iD Studio is deeply interested in Biodynamics in agriculture, Sound wave treatments for the soil, Communication with the Elemental Intelligence in nature, True Organic farming and produce, Radionics, Inner Earth research and Design applied to all this, just to mention the topmost subjects.

So, take your time, send me some feedback if you will and find a way to contribute to a world in dire need, for the times are more than ripe for all this to come about (or to a head!) as the moment we live now is truly unique in the history of this world and the changes that are coming are for Good. It's all a matter of what we want to do: to watch idly and be excluded in the end or to fire up your soul's potential and get going with whatever it is we are supposed to do.

If you really do relate to all this, iDStudio will be there for you.

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