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illustration iDStudio produces the following types of Illustration:

NATURALIST ILLUSTRATION: Beyond Matter is What Matterscapa

Naturalist Illustration here is intended to push the boundaries further when it comes to depicting natural life, as it has been, endeavoring to portray or, shall I say, materialize, the forces and energies, the principles behind the material side of life, to capture the presence of the beings that permeate all of Life's manifestations with beauty and sensitivity. These principles have long been proven by real science, if I may put it that way, but still await formal confirmation for the masses, so to speak. Until then...iD Studio has been doing its part!

Botanical and scientific Illustration as it has been, have already produced wonderful and very necessary works of art but I always felt that there was something missing to that kind of fine-art: a notion of what lies beyond matter, notions that can explain the 'whys' and 'hows' of all phenomena to give our lives a real sense of purpose and a cause for all the effects we see.  This website then is an ongoing attempt to capture that beauty, by whatever means (traditional drawing and painting, digital renderings and photography for reference and composites).

Beyond Matter is What Matters. We encourage a new vision of natural life with our New Naturalist Awareness concept.

ok Naturalist Illustration of this kind was portrayed for the very first time in Brazil in 2007 with an 8-page cover-story article, written and illustrated by me in a national magazine called Com Ciência Ambiental (top picture), which means Environmental Awareness with Science. Here's a link to the full article and Editor's comments, but it is only available in the Portuguese language at this time. The article highlighted our unique approach to Nature Art while giving a background of what naturalist art has been in the last hundred years with an accounting of its major artists around the world and Brazil, proposing the New Naturalist Awareness concept for the new times we now live in and for the Future Man to come.

ok See some samples below and throughout the website as well.


Children's materials interest me a lot, especially if they are not mere repeaters of old tales, of vain fantasies that, in my opinion, should not be encouraged anymore in this day and age of spiritual awakening. More meaningful and exciting materials can and should be produced for the young ones that arrive anxious to understand this world but are, more often than not, put down or mislead into the vicious circle of the materialistic illusion of life. Here lies, in my opinion, the privilege and responsibility of today's Illustrator.

The samples shown below can offer an idea of past styles developed but are naturally dated as I propose NEW ideas to make good use of whatever art skills I may have.


This is yet another part of art I am very fond of, again however, leaning more towards meaningful stories today instead of the usual comic antics, pure fantasy science-fiction, superhero or underground styles and themes that have predominated for decades even if brilliantly drawn and colored. Many of those were eye-openers in their time but today we should be seeking other themes to express or graphic needs. Themes which are more in-line with Reality and Real Future* trends.

*Real Future here means the kind of future based on the study and knowledge of the forces that govern life and not the bleak or wacky trends depicted in so-called sci-fi movies and books that mostly only replicate and project humanity's current mindset into a futuristic scenario, thus serving more as a snapshot of our current collective immature or inverted views of Nature and Life. By actually studying the Laws that govern spiritual evolution in the material world-experience, one can foresee what kind of future awaits us according to our choices, a distant notion actually, from the implied sad statement that "Man is, and always will be, driven by the same motivations, only technology changes", usually associated with such "visions" of the future, however written by otherwise brilliant authors.

Some samples shown in this section date back to the 1980s while others are as recent as 2008.


Here you will find some samples that have inspired this work, produced with several techniques.
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ok More samples can be seen from the Creative services section in English, covering Design, Web design, Corporate folders, Direct mailing & Online advertising stuff.


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