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core concepts Everything in this website revolves around these three core concepts:



Evolution-oriented art is quite simply, the evolution of art and in art.

It is our initiative to encourage the production of art and visual communication that is at once aware of its role in helping humanity to progress in its notions while consciously avoiding ideas that can be construed as misleading notions, those that are inverted in their sense of values or that only contribute to strengthen the sea of illusions we already live in. It is all about focusing our sight on something very much beyond advertising, institutional and corporate art as it has been. It is about using whatever technique we have honed as an ally, or a tool, in fulfilling yet another kind of mission, a mission guided by our best notions on the need to evolve spiritually, morally and materially as a consequence.

This concept was born from the perception that very little attention is given to Evolution when it comes to what we draw, create or conceive in art, music or text. Everywhere and on all levels, we can see that most artistic projects are unconcerned with proposing something uplifting and useful, preferring to settle in a comfortable but illusory niche of simple entertainment, escapist fun or even meaningless imageries that are, at best, a mere repetition of current notions and standards however pretty to look at or, at worst, a distortion of true human/spiritual values that contribute to leave things as they are and contaminate further any chance of us all experiencing something better and more worthwhile, after all, we may be spending most of our LIVES around such things and it can never be a good thing to waste so many opportunities for advancement.

In this context, Evolution, in its deeper and more real sense, is something beyond the usual notion of the Darwinian evolution of the species: it's about understanding that evolution occurs on all levels of existence, understanding therefore the consequences of our productions and making a conscious effort to improve the quality of the content and ideas our art promotes to shape the Future we really want by balancing the act between innovative, fine graphics, with fine closer-to-the-heart content. Ultimately, it's about falling in step with the path designed for us by the Life processes themselves. These life processes can be identified quite clearly and it is rather urgent that we do so at once.

If we consider that all forms of art bear the potential of affecting people's lives, it becomes clear that artistic freedom is not devoid of responsibility and limits as is the case with any other freedom. In this light, I believe more attention should be given to the element of progress in the contents of whatever is being conceived. Useful and fascinating ideas that promote the renewal of old concepts, brighter visions of the Future we want, intelligent and beautiful design applied to the common sense of tomorrow: these are much needed wares in a world of extremes in creativity, technical prowess and the use we make of our freedoms.

To be evolution-aware is not to simply be gratuituosly criticizing the world around us for its unhappy mistakes (quite the contrary actually, because this notion enables us to be much more understanding of the limitations we encounter) but also not to close our eyes to really understand the reasons behind each misconceived idea or intention and then focus our own efforts to improve what we can with what we may know at any given stage of our own evolution. An obvious belief, one might say, but nevertheless one that we rarely see finding its way into video, music, documentaries, art, corporate and so-called entertainment projects. With our feet on the grounds that be, to make a living, but our souls, hearts and minds focused on an Evolution-oriented creativity, we as Illustrators and Graphic Artists, can gradually come to offer a different brand of communication arts. Progress means leaving behind medieval ideas but it also means avoiding some easy bizarre notions of today, both of which, have little to offer in terms of an avenue into a brighter, fairer Future for everyone. We are missing the golden opportunity to use art, music, text and video productions to enrich our lives and broaden our own notions if we choose to waste so much time on senseless pursuits that lock us ever deeper into illusion and contribute to the dissemination of more distractions of what really matters. Endless distractions are really a problem if equated on a global scale and if 'hard-wired' into the fabric of modern families. This is something that really demands immediate action on our part regarding the reevaluation of the personal universe our lives revolve around and therefore the foreseeable consequences using just common sense.

And what about this 'New Naturalist' something?

he other concept, New Naturalist Awareness follows in the footsteps of this progress-oriented vision as one of the most recent practical applications of the ideas put forth above and is an invitation to broaden the field of traditional Naturalism into more real causes and workings in Nature with an enlightening effort that must eventually open our minds and hearts to a greater portion of this phenomenon we got used to calling Reality. Understanding our Universe and our role in it on a much deeper level, is a commitment and a mission we cannot afford to be unaware of or still laugh at. The price to be paid in the end is too high, believe me. From the beginning, I always felt that the figure of the Naturalist as the professional or amateur that goes about gathering fragments of wildlife, such as bones, shrubs and insects and so forth, was something that fascinated and exerted a strong attraction on me as a youth, for it brought me closer to home in a world of contradictions and cold individual interests, made me feel closer to being here as opposed to just existing and then turn my attention to just go bustling through life to get things done. It brought me closer to the meaning of life here in the first place.

Even so, I soon felt that traditional naturalist notions were seriously outdated as it only considered the material world or the external phenomenon of reality (or the effect) and rarely its inner workings (the cause). My background is that of an Illustrator and lacks the specialized knowledge of a biologist, an anthropologist or naturalist in the academic sense. However my background does include some information on the spiritual side of life and it is never enough to bear in mind that this side is the origin or cause, while the material side is the partial, the crudest part, or the effect. Illustration, graphic design, painting, photography and music and even text are the means of giving form and substance to the almost intangible forces behind everyday life. iD Studio proposes to address such matters in the only way it can: by endeavoring to create graphics, both in colour and black & white that can really inspire others in this new path of Self-Realization and Awareness.

The New Naturalist Awareness idea is then a graphic design effort that was devised to hopefully encourage people to Understand, Educate and Inspire a new generation of naturalists or anyone on the path to self-realization to reestablish a living connection with the environment and Life processes and how we relate to these. On the cover of the 2006-2007 Calendars I have designed it says: "To forge ahead and rebuild our notions" and "Beyond Matter is What Matters". I think that is significant enough.

arrow These ideas are being developed especially in the Portuguese language and for my country, Brazil, where it is less known and more needed, since literature on the subject is scarce and I can be instrumental in bridging the gap of both cultures and languages for one concentrated communications effort. That said, you will find that the sections in the Portuguese language in this website are developed further and updated on a daily basis, than this shorter version in English.

arrow If your organization is connected with this subject in a meaningful manner, we would welcome your support which need not be a financial one, featuring your seal on our website, for instance or an exchange of links.

Please do contact me at: Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spambots. Você deve habilitar o JavaScript para visualizá-lo. or call 55-11-4828-2636, our time. We greatly appreciate your interest.

All this is contained in the ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE set of texts which will be forthcoming here.

A conclusion, if you please, I haven't got all day, you know...

his website is also an invitation for us all to discuss and come up with projects that can be in such diverse fields of interest as: software development, Naturalist design, innovative children's materials, game design, humanitarian and global concerns and scientific/spiritualist breakthroughs, to mention some, aligned as closely as possible to those concepts, for a legitimate use of our talents in benefit of others.

Nothing is ever "finished", so to speak. That means, if I have achieved anything worthwhile so far, it is mostly to remind me that so much more is yet left to be learned and, most importantly, done, in the never-ending effort-in-progress of overcoming my own limitations.

Your stay at this site is meant to be extremely pleasant and meaningful, so take some time to explore and feel the Universe it revolves around and maybe, somewhere, some new, rewarding connection might be made for the both of us.

Welcome again.

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